This week we’ve been talking about our project called PACT, its distinctive features, tokenomics, and milestones. What was this week about? Read on.

PACT is a project that uses game mechanisms in its workflows. Any member of the DeFi community can become the owner of a unique NFT, which is assigned to capabilities: warrior, farmer, trader, predictor. The more actions a user takes, the more his NFT levels up. The play form is implemented not only for the sake of user interest and engagement but also to create a strong community. The major role in the ecosystem is occupied by the PACT token, it gives privileges both in earning and in managing the life of the project. We have provided a real decentralization of our system and built an engaged community.

The total issuance of the PACT token is 1,000,000,000 coins.

How we distribute them:

🔷50% goes for NFT staking and mining to ensure the platform performance

🔷10% receives our team as a stimulus to improve the project

🔷5% goes to the main pool to guarantee the liquidity and health of the ecosystem

🔷15% for a reserve fund to resolve unforeseen problems or to develop new features

🔷10% allocates to farming and operations in the PactSwap pool and certified third-party pools (Uniswap and PancakeSwap)

🔷10% we will use to reward users for any actions that are helpful to the system

Having the PACT token gives users great opportunities in managing the system and opens access to its services.

What we have already done:

🔵Distributed tokens among users P2PB2B Exchange

🔵Launched earning and staking programs

🔵Set up administrative smart-contracts

🔵Launched the DEX exchange PactSwap

🔵Started PACT token trading

🔵Provided the option to pay a commission on the P2PB2B exchange at a discount using PACT tokens

👉To launch the farming

👉To run the NFT token on our decentralized exchange PactSwap

👉To start a mining program for NFT token holders

👉To add ERC/BSC tokens

👉To provide NFT characters with clothing and weapons

👉To provide support for other tokens, blockchains, and projects.

As you can see, we have done a lot in the short time of our project existence. Our main task is to keep the system decentralized and really hear the demands of our community!