This week we’ve been talking about our project called PACT, its distinctive features, tokenomics, and milestones. What was this week about? Read on.

Gamification at the heart of everything

PACT is a project that uses game mechanisms in its workflows. Any member of the DeFi community can become the owner of a unique NFT, which is assigned to capabilities: warrior, farmer, trader, predictor. The more actions a user takes, the more his NFT levels up. The play form is implemented not only for the sake of user interest and engagement but also to create a strong community. The major role in the ecosystem is occupied by the PACT token, it gives privileges both in earning and in managing the life of the project. We have provided a real decentralization of our system and built an engaged community.


The total issuance of the PACT token is 1,000,000,000 coins.

Path of development

What we have already done:

What we plan to do in the coming months:

👉To launch the farming

What we plan to do by the end of 2021:

👉To add ERC/BSC tokens